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Wooden fridge magnet with printed vinyl sticker.



Goddess Ψ // The Goddess with the raised hands

Cypro-Geometric / Cypro-Archaic / Cypro-Classic Period 1050 - 310 BC ​


Terracotta female figurine with upraised arms possibly of a votary or a goddess, wheelmade. Cylindrical tubular body with circular flat base, two projections render the female breasts, eyes outlined with black paint, elbows in relief and a ridge for mouth. The facial features are painted with black and purple paint. The Goddess wears a diadem around the forehead. Necklaces and pendants are indicated with black paint, the hair fall at the back of the head and shoulder. Black and red painted narrow and broad bands around the arms and lower body.


It is suggested that they were influenced by Minoan prototypes. These type of figurines usually have cylindrical bodies with a slightly flared base for support. The arms are raised, the palms face outward and the breasts are rendered in relief. The head is usually placed slightly backwards as the figure looks up to the sky. The uplifted arms and the face suggest that figures either represent a worshipper or a deity. In the first case, the worshipper calls or prays to the deity. ​


More about Ψ​ ​


Size: 9.5 x 5.3 cm (approx)



Goddess Ψ // Fridge magnet

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