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  • Printed on high quality paper in various sizes. Embossed and signed by Deena Savva.

    If you can't find the size you desire feel free to contact us as we do custom.


    Proffessional framing options available uppon request. 


    Role-playing // Urania

    Nine roles of a woman:


    • Daughter

    • Sister

    • Friend

    • Wife

    • Daughter In Law

    • Mother

    • Professional

    • Mother In Law

    • Grandmother


    All women should see that they change the world for the better when they really identify themselves and recognize their singular and special importance to the continuity of the human species. It is not the profession, not marriage, not motherhood, nor any other relationship, but the essence of being a woman, that facilitates the transition of humanity from one level to the other, makes the woman a special being.

    So make sure you express your appreciation to her.

    Role playing // Digital print

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